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Peripheral Municipalities

Photography, 2018
This project was inspired by a Statistics Canada report conducted over the course of one decade, from 2001 to 2011, which revolves around patterns of immigration in several first-ring peripheral municipalities adjacent to the city of Toronto.

The report shows a clear increase in the settlement of immigrants in these peripheral regions, and this photographic series aims to present this information from a different perspective - by focusing primarily on structures put in place after 2001, and servicing any immigrant population.

The establishment of these new buildings, along with the repurposing of old buildings for use by the immigrant population, becomes an act of claiming space.

Establishing these spaces as part of these communities emphasizes the growth of such populations within these peripheral municipalities. By narrowing down the focus to the physical presence of each of these places, I aim to comment on the ways that they complement and contrast the suburban landscapes which they inhabit.